Here we provide new instructions and guides on how to assemble, configure, and align an X-OpenSPIM, together with a completely overhauled software plugin μOpenSPIM. This makes it easier and less time-consuming for OpenSPIM users to upgrade to a more advanced OpenSPIM system and use it as a powerful research tool in their laboratories.

  • Parts list - Take a look at the modifications and parts needed to build an X-OpenSPIM
  • Alignment guide - Follow a detailed step-by-step guide with many pictrues to align an OpenSPIM system.
  • μOpenSPIM - Use the latest OpenSPIM plugin (based on µManager) with new features to acquire SPIM data

See also the related publication for detailed instructions on assembly and configuration. If you find the guides helpful and did something cool with your own X-OpenSPIM please remember to cite us!

X-OpenSPIM paper on Advanced Biology.

Girstmair J., Moon H., Brillard C., Haase R., Tomancak P. (2021) Time to Upgrade: A New OpenSPIM Guide to Build and Operate Advanced OpenSPIM Configurations Advanced Biology
The Supporting Information (PDF) includes details about configuration and the correct alignment of an X-OpenSPIM as well as details about cooling the acquisition chamber.