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Welcome to the X-OpenSPIM site on!

Here we provide new instructions and guides on how to assemble, configure, and align an X-OpenSPIM, together with a completely overhauled software plugin μOpenSPIM. This makes it easier and less time-consuming for OpenSPIM users to upgrade to a more advanced OpenSPIM system and use it as a powerful research tool in their laboratories.

See also the related publication for detailed instructions on assembly and configuration:

X-OpenSPIM paper on Advanced Biology.

If you find the guides helpful and did something cool with your own X-OpenSPIM please remember to cite us!

Girstmair J., Moon H., Brillard C., Haase R., Tomancak P. (2021) Time to Upgrade: A New OpenSPIM Guide to Build and Operate Advanced OpenSPIM Configurations Advanced Biology
The Supporting Information (PDF) includes details about configuration and the correct alignment of an X-OpenSPIM as well as details about cooling the acquisition chamber.