Instructions about how to go about this for a Thorlabs DRV001 connected via a Thorlabs BSC201 controller on a 64bit OpenSPIM setup are detailed below (by Jerome Boulanger and Ben Sutcliffe):

  1. Download the micro-manager source code as instructed here.
  2. Install all the relevant programs for building micro-manager as instructed here.
  3. Setup up Visual C++ 2010 Express as here.
  4. Install the 64bit APT software from Thorlabs.
  5. Download and unzip the APTx64 form here.
  6. Then build the ThorlabsAPTStage Device Adapter in 64bit on a 64bit Windows 7 machine, using the 'APT.lib' downloaded in point 5.
  7. Rename the resulting .dll file to 'mmgr_dal_ThorlabAPTStage.dll' then place it into the folder along with the 'APT.dll' downloaded in 5).
  8. The OpenSPIM Fiji/MM bundle can then restarted and a ThorlabAPTStage could be configured as described for a 32bit system here.