The table below lists the parts used by the OpenSPIM for brains setup built by Monika Pawłowska (Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology, Warsaw).

Manufacturer Accessibility Description File or Link/Model # Image Quantity Price (EUR)
Nikon purchase 4X Nikon Plan Fluorite Imaging Objective, 0.13 NA, 17.2 mm WD, dry N4X-PF 2 (or 3 for double illumination) 410
Thorlabs purchase Translating Lens Mount for Ø1" Optics (for the objectives) LM1XY/M 2 or 3 125
Nikon purchase Infinity-Corrected Tube Lens for Plan Fluorite Objectives ITL200 1 405
Monika self made This chamber can be 3D printed. For windows use 24x24 mm microscopy cover glasses and glue (eg. two component epoxy) Chamber.stl 1
Monika self made This holder includes two threaded holes so it's easiest to make from metal (eg aluminum). Holder is mounted on the 4D stage arm with M6 screw. Glass slide with 1 mm thickness can be held with nylon or nylon-tipped screw Metal_Holder.pdf