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Pictures from the course


File: Before.jpg | final preparations at Waldschloeschen

Monday 18th

File: 18_1_galleria_Matt.jpg | Galleria linked File: Embo_tue_19_1.JPG‎ | EMBO OpenSPIM parts File: ‎EMBO_tue_19_2.JPG | EMBO OpenSPIM disassembled File: ‎Boy_in_the_hood.jpg | boyz in the hood File: ‎EMBO_tue_19_3.JPG | Ernst Stelzer at Hebeda's

Tuesday 19th

File: Initial_group_discussion.jpg‎ | initial group discussion @MPICBG File: EMBO_wed_20_1.jpg‎ | EMBO OpenSPIM assembly File: ‎EMBO_wed_20_2.jpg | EMBO OpenSPIM team Lucifer File: ‎T_shirt.jpg | T-shirt & logo

Wednesday 20th

File: ‎EMBO_wed_20_3.jpg | Ultramicroscopy intro File: ‎EMBO_wed_20_4.jpg | mDSLM intro File: ‎Soren_LZ1.jpg | Lightsheet Z.1 intro

Thursday 21th

File: Embo_thu_21_1.JPG‎ | Image processing tutorial File: Image_processing_3.jpg‎ | Image processing tutorial 2 File: ‎Embo_thu_21_2.JPG | Evening chill at MPI-CBG

Friday 22nd

File:Zeiss1.jpg| Welcome at Zeiss File:Zeiss2.jpg| Inside the Zeiss factory - an official photo File:Zeiss3.jpg| Group picture at Zeiss File:22_1_Abbe_Zeiss.jpg | Abbe & Zeiss File:22_2_Reynaud_Swoger.jpg | Reynaud & Swoger File:22_2_Huisken.jpg | Huisken & Abbe File:22_2_Reynaud.jpg | Reynaud & Abbe File:22_2_planetarium.jpg | Planetarium File:22_2_Jena_locals.jpg | Jena locals File:Parkplatz.jpg | our cosy parking lot in Jena File:Wurst.jpg | Wurst File:Wurst_queue_at_Jena.jpg | Wurst queue in Jena File:Students_at_hebedas.jpg | back in Dresden - Hebedas File:DSC 1260.jpg|Boys in the hood File:DSC 1262.jpg|Abbe File:DSC 1264.jpg|Abbe File:DSC 1271.jpg|Jena File:DSC 1276.jpg|Huisken File:DSC 1281.jpg|Cowboy File:DSC 1282.jpg|Star generator File:DSC 1283.jpg|More boys in the hood...

Saturday 23rd

File:23_1_planning.jpg | Planning File:23_1_OpenSPIMs.jpg | OpenSPIMs File:Wetsheet.jpg | Pizza wetsheet File:Pizzanbeer.jpg | Pizza Mounting

Sunday 24th

File:24_SPIMApes_OpenSPIM.jpg | SPIMapes building OpenSPIM File:24_cluster_processing.jpg | cluster processing tutorial File:24_microscopy_gurus_at_Aslan.jpg | at Aslan File:24_microscopy_gurus_at_Aslan_2.jpg | at Aslan 2 File:23_1_HT_durum_meister.jpg | HT durum File:OpenSPIM.jpg | The cylindrical lense is the bottleneck File:24_action_at_walschloeschen.jpg | action at Waldschloeschen File:WP 20140824 002.jpg | Feldschlösschen Mug Contest

Monday 25th

File:Group_pic_CBG_small.jpg | Group photo at MPI-CBG File:EmmanuelsTalk.jpg | Emmanuel telling the amazing Blaschka story File:Sample_prep.jpg | sample prep in uniform File:25_inverse_poster_session.jpg | inverse poster session File:25_farewell_Fernando.jpg | farewell to Fernando at Hebeda's

Tuesday 26th

File: 26_Loic_arduino.jpg | Loic and Arduino File: Arduino_lights_it_up.jpg | Arduino lights it up File: 26_arduino_action.jpg | Arduino action File: Arduino_action.jpg | more Arduino action File: MPI-MIT.jpg | daily microscope auction (MPI-MIT)

Wednesday 27th

File: 27_IT_chart.jpg | IT schematics File: Image_processing.jpg | image processing - Steffi File: Image_processing_2.jpg | image processing - Tobias & Johannes File: Daniel_OpenSPIM.jpg | Daniel & OpenSPIM File: Ulrik_OpenSPIM.jpg | Ulrik & OpenSPIM File: LZ1_Olaf.jpg | Zeiss Lightsheet Z.1 with creator File: LZ1_Bruno_2.jpg | LZ.1 and Bruno

Thursday 28th

File: 27_Jan_in_a_suit.jpg | Jan in a suit File: 28_Gene_answering_question.jpg‎ | Gene Q&A

Friday 29th

File: 29_Soren_JEDI.jpg | JEDIs use Lightsheet Z.1 File: 29_Juraj_presentation.jpg‎ | Juraj presenation File: ‎29_SPIMApes_with_alpha_male.jpg | SPIMApes with alpha File: ‎29-Thomas_talking_to_Internet.jpg | Thomas & the Internet File: 29_Wioleta.jpg | Wioleta File: 29_best_wiki_award.jpg‎ | best wiki award & SiedyZsig File: 29_wiki_award.jpg | best wiki award File: ‎29_impressions.jpg | EMBO course impressions File: ‎29_feedback_session.jpg | feedback session File: ‎29_parking_like_a_pro.jpg | parking like a pro File: ‎hebedas.jpg | Familieneinkehr Hebeda's File: 29_hockey.jpg | Rada & hockey File: Table_hockey_duel.jpg | Table hockey duel File: 29_Hebedas.jpg‎ | stranger in a strange land File: ‎29_Czechs.jpg | Czechs File: ‎29_Daniele.jpg | Daniele File: ‎Britta_at_Hebedas.jpg | Britta at Hebeda's File: ‎Happy_at_Hebedas.jpg | Happy at Hebeda's


File: After.jpg | Organizers