SPIMacquisition source code and import

  • acquire the SPIMAcquisition source code via git clone from
  • import the folder you just cloned into IntelliJ as a Maven project. - in the Module settings (reachable via right-click on the project or by pressing F4), add both directories [Fiji]/jars and [Fiji]/plugins/Micro-Manager to Global Libraries.
  • in the Module settings, go to Artifacts and add a JAR artifact with From modules with dependencies. Choose SPIMacquisition as main class.
  • the module is now ready to build - click Build->Make Project or Build->Build artefacts... - the output JAR will be put in the folder out/artifacts/SPIMacquisition_JAR with the name SPIMacquisition.jar - you can copy this file then to [Fiji]/mmplugins and use it in MicroManager.

Debugging with IntelliJ and VisualVM