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The setup

  • Some images
COS HD OpenSPIM detail 1.JPG
COS HD OpenSPIM detail 2.JPG
COS HD OpenSPIM detail 3.JPG
COS HD OpenSPIM detail 4.JPG
COS HD OpenSPIM detail 5.JPG
COS HD OpenSPIM detail 6.JPG

What we have learned

  • Patience :-)

The hardware modifications

Because we use nikon lenses, we needed to modify the tube lens. Here is what you need to order:

- a Nikon compatible tube lens: or ask a quote from Nikon directly (reference:  MXA20696 )

- an adapter to host the tube lens (

- tubes to build the detection axis: connect the tube lens to the camera  and adjust the length to so that the image is sharp on the camera sensor (the approximate distance between the back end of the tube lens and the camera captor is ~15.8cm) [Everything from Thorlabs]:

- Adapter with External C-Mount Threads and Internal SM1 Threads SM1A9 (to screw to the camera)

- Adapter with External SM1 Threads and Internal SM2 Threads SM1A2 (to connect the camera to the tube)

- SM2 Lens Tube, 2 Thread Depth, One Retaining Ring Included SM2L20  --> 2 of this

- SM2 Lens Tube, 0.3 Thread Depth, One Retaining Ring Included --> 2 of this

- SM2L03 "Ø2"" SM2 Rotating Adjustable Focusing Element, 0.81"" Travel" SM2V10 (to adjust length)

- the sample chamber: you will need to ask your workshop to adapt the diameter of the objectives opening in the chamber to accommodate the Nikon lenses.

Some real world applications

  • Come back soon...