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Strategies to implement a proper brightfield illumination in an OpenSPIM.

Michael Redd's solution


  • 20 cent green diode
  • Arduino
  • 10K potentiometer
  • 100 Ohm resistor

setup & wiring

The arduino and light are powered by USB and are turned on and off by micro-manager and can be used as a brightfield channel in micromanager multi-dimensional acquisition window. The potentiometer and resistor determine the intensity of the light. The diode is fixed in place behind a collimating lens which fills the back aperture of a 10x immersion lens on axis with the sample and imaging lens. If your SPIM rig does not have a appropriate port and/or you do not have the 10x lens, one could focus the diode on the sample from above at an oblique angle. This may require a brighter light, but would probably work with the diode I am using. Light level can be dialed in by using different resistors and potentiometers.

by Michael Redd, Cell Imaging Core Facility, University of Utah