This will need to be done twice:

  • A rough alignment before the refractive optics are installed &
  • A painstakingly detailed alignment after the refractive optics are installed
Objects needed
  • 1x Installed Coherent CUBE laser with heat-sink
  • 2x Installed Ø1" mirror mount assemblies on the dovetail rail
  • 1x Installed Ø1" mirror mount on corner post
  • 2x Alignment disk on a rail carrier assembly
Tools needed
  • 1x 1.5 mm hex key/driver
  • Nx Just a little patience
How to do a laser alignment of the OpenSPIM's illumination axis

Take off all jewelry (wedding bands, watches and anything shiny!

Before the refractive optics are installed:

Power on laser. Roughly rotate, and adjust the distances to, all of the installed mirror mounts so that the laser will reflect off of the middle of the mirror surface of each assembly into the back of the illumination objective. Then put both laser alignment disk assemblies at each end of the 300 mm dovetail rail, finely center the laser through the middle of the both assemblies holes in their respective ground glass disks from the mirrors on the rail to the mirror on the post. Do the same on the 150 mm dovetail rail between the Ø1" mirror mount on the post and the center of the back of the illumination objective lens.

After the refractive optics are installed:

Make sure that the laser is going through the middle of all of the installed refractive optic lenses. Use an alignment disk at the end of the dovetail rail (in relation to the laser light path) to verify that the laser is still in line with the correct axis.

Laser alignment

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