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From August 18th until August28th 2014 an EMBO practical course on light sheet microscopy will be held in Dresden, Germany. The course hosts 17 students from all over the world, 17 speakers who have made major contribution to the development of light sheet technology and 17 local instructors who have hands on experience with LSFM. Companies such as Zeiss and LaVision Biotec are bringing their equipment, supplemented by various SPIM set-ups from academic labs in Dresden and elsewhere. We will build four OpenSPIMs during the course using the camera and laser equipment generously loaned by Andor, Coherent, Qimaging, PCO and Hamamatsu.

The progress of the course will be monitored on dedicated pages on the OpenSPIM wiki. We hope to create a lot of useful content that will have impact beyond the direct participants of the course. In particular, we will record the technical lectures and post them on the program page. So stay tuned.

On behalf of organizers

Pavel Tomancak