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The flexibility of light sheet microscopes such as OpenSPIM allows for different configurations. The standard setup consists of one illumination arm ("1I") and one detection arm ("1D"). One can add a second illumination arm ("2I") to improve the homogeneity of the light sheet illumination and/or to reduce the need for rotation. A second detection arm ("2D") enables the simultaneous acquisition from both sides.

basic configurations

1I 1D OpenSPIM 03.jpg 1I 1D single-sided illumination
single-sided detection
xxx / xxx mm (w/d)
2I 1D OpenSPIM 02.jpg 2I 1D double-sided illumination
single-sided detection
xxx / xxx mm (w/d)
2I 2D OpenSPIM 02.jpg 2I 2D double-sided illumination
double-sided detection
xxx / xxx mm (w/d)

high-throughput / multi-sample configurations

2I 1D OpenSPIM farm 02.jpg FARM double-sided illumination
single-sided detection
stack of 4 setups
xxx / xxx / xxx mm (w/d/h)