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OpenSPIM's software is based on the Fiji, ImageJ and Micro-Manager projects. Micro-Manager is backed by the OpenImaging company.

Sample preparation

Other Open Access projects

These section contains links to projects which share OpenSPIM's vision that

We hope that OpenSPIM in its radical openness will demonstrate that the benefits brought to science by the Open Source approach apply equally well to hardware.

  • Karl Bellve's "pretty good focus" project is an Open Access design for an automatic stage focusing device. It is intended to integrate nicely with ┬ÁManager, just like OpenSPIM.
  • A paper on 3D-printable optical components.
  • OpenSPIN a sister project for DLSM and OPT imaging.
  • Open Ephys, a very strong project to provide, develop and support Open Access and Open Source electrophysiology.

┬ÁManager components of interest to OpenSPIM setups